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Aves DAB+ Radio/ Listening pleasure you deserve

At Quality Radio we specialize with Aves Digital to deliver better sound from quality DAB+ FM radios, iPhone docking speakers, Bluetooth speakers and headphones. Based in Britain Aves successfully blends the ultimate acoustic quality and modern style together by virtue of its superior and reliable quality and innovative design.

With their robust and streamlined triangular design, Coloud Headphones are built to withstand the pressures of everyday listening. Minimal parts and mechanical construction make these headphones super durable, reinforcing them against the pressures of everyday listening. Each pair of Coloud headphones is ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort and wearability. Using 3D ergonomics, each model is crafted to follow the angles of the human head for a comfortable fit.

A Pocket Full of Sound/ Perfect Travel Companions

Air & Sky pocket and portable Dab+ FM radios are the perfect holiday and travel companions or just to take with you when you are on the move whilst Aqua & Crystal Dab+ FM radios make the perfect travel companion for business trips or holidays. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, store easily in your laptop bag or luggage.

Enjoy quality sound wherever you are with Argon & Sapphire DAB+ FM radios that are ergonomically designed to suit your lounge, your kitchen, den or anywhere else you want to enjoy the quality sound system.

Round ou the sound experience with Multi-function Docking Speakers and Bluetooth Diamond Speakers. Enjoy DAB+ radio with docking speaker, play and charge your iPod/iPhone simultaneously; works with DAB+/DAB/FM network for all of your favourite programs.

Great Radio Range/ Delivery to your Door

The Coloud Pop is a highly durable headphone that’s perfect to bring with you wherever you go. With a direct sound and powerful bass, the Pop eliminates any audio pollution around you, allowing you to focus on your music. The angled ear buds are ergonomically designed to give you a better in-ear fit, and comes with S, M and L replacement caps so that they always sit securely in your ears. Together with the Pop’s flat cable, the Zound Lasso is our solution for a tangle-free life.

Teamed with a High Quality Aves Dab+ FM digital radio and listening pleasure is assured.

Add in Amber Technolgy support and Australia wide dealer network and the era of digital radio has arrived.

Amber Technology Service and Support

DAB+ Radio Technology

Digital Radio offers clearer sound and better reception. Why stream sound when new pocket digital radios from Quality Radio have arrived. For a limited time only you can buy an Air pocket DAB+ FM radio with Coloud Pop headphones for $69 delivered. A saving of over 50%.

Coloud Pop is only available in black/cyan.

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